Marcel Berthet - Oscar Egg

A special chapter in the history of the hour record was written by Marcel Berthet and Oscar Egg. From 1912 - 1914 the record was improved five times.  Maybe this fight between the two cyclists would have lasted even longer, but it was ended 1914 when World War I began. There is a nice article written by Owen Mulholland which can be found at the Website

41.520 Marcel Berthet Paris 20.06.1907
42.122 + Oscar Egg Paris 26.08.1912
42.741 Marcel Berthet Paris 07.08.1913
43.525 Oscar Egg Paris 21.08.1913
43.775 Marcel Berthet Paris 21.09.1913
44.247 Oscar Egg Paris 18.06.1914

42.122 km is the "standard" value found in the literature. However, in the article by Owen Mulholland it is stated that the remeasured value was 42.360 km




 Oscar Egg

 Marcel Berthet