The UCI Hour Record

On september 9th 2000, the UCI decided to create a "UCI Hour Record" as well as a "Best Hour Performance". From that day, the UCI Hour Record was the one that Eddy Merckx achieved in Mexico on 25th October 1972, covering a distance of 49.43195 km. This UCI Hour Record could only be attempted if the equipment was presented and checked beforehand by the UCI and it had to be similar to that used by Merckx.
In may 2014 the UCI finally decided to abandon this rule and allow modern track bikes again. For the new rules look at Part1: General Organisation and Cycling as a Sport in section 1.3.023.
An article about the news can be found for example here.
The record however is the mark of Ondrej Sosenka (49.700 km from 2005)

Successful attempts:

  • Chris Boardman, Manchester, 27.10.2000, 49.441 km
  • Ondrej Sosenka, Moscow, 19.7.2005, 49.700 km
  • Jens Voigt, Grenchen (SUI), 18.09.2014, 51.115 km

Split Times


Mexico City, 25.10.1972
Manchester, 27.10.2000
Moscow, 19.7.2005
time avg. speed time avg. speed time avg. speed
1 1.10 51.43 1.17.891 46.218 1.15.01 47.996
5 5.55.7 50.60  6.04.016 49.448 6.00.42 49.942
10  11.53 50.49  12.03.889 49.732 12.00.59 49.959
15 18.01 49.95 18.04.635 49.786 8.02.33 49.892
20  24.07 49.76 24.06.975 49.759 24.03.05 49.894
25 30.10 49.72 30.11.663 49.678 30.04.89 49.865
30 36.17 49.61 36.18.409 49.577 36.06.73 49.845
35 42.25 49.51 42.27.043 49.469 42.10.81 49.786
40 48.32 49.45 48.33.402 49.427 48.15.32 49.735
45 54.38 49.42 54.40.588 49.381 54.15.?? 49.727
46  - - 55.53.916 49.375 55.30.50 49.722
47 - - 57.06.713 49.377 56.42.97 49.721
48 - - 58.17.899 49.401 57.55.90 49.714
49 - - 59.29.264 49.422 59.08.75 49.708
49.25   - 59.46.661 49.433 -  
1 hour 49.431 49.431 49.441 49.441 49.700  49.700

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History of  Attempts after October 2000

August 2014:
Jens Voigt targets hour record on September 18

6th July 2006:
Laszlo Bodrogi cancels his hour record attempt

26th January 2006:
Laszlo Bodrogi announces that he will undertake a hour record attempt in september (one week after the TT World Championchips in Salzburg)

19th July 2005:
Sosenka breaks hour record! Look at my Sosenka hour record page.

7th July 2005:
Sosenka with hour record attempt
Czech rider Ondrej Sosenka (Acqua e Sapone) will undertake a hour record attempt in Moscow on 19th july.

18th April 2005:
Lance Armstrong announces his retirement after the Tour de France 2005. No more words about the hour record...

27th January 2005:
Finally??? It seems that Lance Armstrong wants to undertake a serious attempt to brake the world hour record. It is not clear if he is aiming for the UCI-record or for the "best hour performance", or maybe even for both? There are several articles about this on the web, check out the search engines or read this one at

15th December 2004:
Nuttli hour attempt fails
Swiss track specialist Jean Nuttli tried to crack the track hour record on Wednesday, December 15, but failed. In the Vienna Velodrome, Nuttli only completed 46.642 km. He said that his training results had been OK, but the dry air in the velodrome made it hard to breathe.

31st October 2004:
Dominique Bozzi hour attempt fails
French rider Dominique Bozzi failed in his hour record attempt at the Bordeaux velodrome, completing 45.379 km. For more details check his website

8th April 2004:
Obree drops hour-record bid
Scots cyclist Graeme Obree has abandoned his bid to reclaim the world hour record held by England's Chris Boardman. Obree, who held the record before Boardman set his mark of 49.441km under new rules in 2000, told AFP of his decision after a test ride on Sunday at the Manchester velodrome suggested he was too far away from record-breaking fitness...
Read the full article here

2nd Jul 2003:
Hutchinson fails in bid to break Boardman's record
MANCHESTER, England - Michael Hutchinson failed on Wednesday in his bid to improve the world hour record set by former Olympic track champion Chris Boardman three years ago.
Hutchinson, 29, who represented Northern Ireland at last year's Commonwealth Games, abandoned his attempt at Manchester Velodrome after gradually slipping back on his schedule.
Boardman was 18 seconds down on Boardman's mark after the first 10 kilometres and the national road time trial champion slipped more than a minute off Boardman's pace after 30 kilometres before pulling off the track after 40 minutes having covered 32.5km.
Hutchinson is expected to make another attempt on Boardman's record later in the year.

15th Nov 2002:
Swiss champion Jean Nuttli abandons his first attempt after 60 laps (15 km/48.449 km/h). It seems that he has problems to keep his nerves under control. A 20 minutes training ride in normal cycling clothes was faster than the actual attempt.
On the next day he completes one hour, but reaches only 47.093 km.

21 Oct 2001:
German cyclist Thomas Liese has failed in his attempt to break the one-hour cycling record. Liese stopped his attempt after 37 minutes because he had fallen behind Boardman's pace (about 600 m). Liese rides for the team Nuernberger and was returning to professional cycling after a 12-year break.

July 2001:
At the start of the Tour de France Lance Armstrong tells reporters that he wants to break the hour record this year with the help of controversial Italian doctor Michele Ferrari. Lots of discussion, but nothing has happend so far...

June 2001:
Ten days after the end of the Giro D Italia Abram Olano cancels his attempt

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