Obree's revenge

Obree started very fast, more than 53 km/h. But he could not hold this pace slowing down more and more. But he was never in danger to fall below Boardman's mark. One can speculate if he would have made 53 km/h with disc wheels instead of trispokes. Research of the german TOUR magazine (issue 9/96 and issue 9/93) showed that one can gain about 1.0 km/h (at 52 km/h) by using two disc-wheels instead of two tri-spokes (look at my page "motion of a cyclist", where Spengle-Trispokes were tested). So even with a conservative estimate 53 km/h should have been easily possible.

Video of the hour record attempts 1994 (Obree, Indurain, Rominger) on Youtube

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